California vape logo KandyPens is understood for growing well-made, reasonably priced choices to a few of the freshest vaporizers in the marketplace. With an consideration to element informing their designs, KandyPens deal with their recognition as a number one vape logo by means of constantly generating gadgets which can be easy, swish, and tech-forward. Their lately launched oil and e-liquid vape, the Rubi vaporizer, is not any exception. 

Standing at an insignificant four inches tall, and coming in at just below $50, this sublime little vape provides another to the pricy pod programs used by equivalent manufacturers. Whereas Pax provides pricey pods that come prefilled with oil from giant canna-brands, KandyPens’ Rubi vaporizer is an open device, that means the pods come empty, able to be stuffed with no matter oil or liquid you need. 

In the e-cig international, the observe of breaking open pods to fill up with your personal oil is known as “Juul Hacking,” and is commonplace some of the techie vapers that common on-line message forums. By formalizing this sort of anarchist way to hacking the pod device in a hashish vape, KandyPens carved out an untouched area of interest within the pod device matrix. And when it comes to cost-effectiveness, it is a DIY device that can not be crushed.

Whether you’re available in the market for a brand new vape pen or are simply curious as to what the entire buzz is set, this is our take at the KandyPens’ Rubi vaporizer. 

What is the Rubi? 

The open device design of the Rubi vape riffs on pod vaping platforms like Pax pods. By permitting customers to fill an empty cartridge with the oil or e-liquid in their opting for, as an alternative of being pressured to acquire pricey pre-filled pods, they have got created a a lot more reasonably priced approach to benefit from the comfort of pod vape merchandise. 

Complete with OCELL Ceramic Coil Technology and a 280mAh battery, probably the most most powerful e-cig batteries in the marketplace, the Rubi is excellent for approximately 50 attracts consistent with rate. Strong and easy, the Rubi vaporizer may be temperature regulated and air-powered (no energy button), that means all you need to do is load the refillable 1ML capability pod, and inhale. KandyPens even provides a life-time guaranty at the tool.

How do you use the Rubi vaporizer?

Now that we have been over what the Rubi vaporizer is, why it is cool, and what it may well do, this is the way it works. 

How to rate the Rubi vaporizer

To rate the Rubi, merely use the micro-USB port with any USB cable, no proprietary charger important. The LED indicator mild will flip from purple to inexperienced when the tool has charged utterly. While the battery lasts some time, it additionally fees extraordinarily rapid, about 30 mins for a complete rate. 

Loading the Rubi Pod

This is a long way and away probably the most sophisticated step to the usage of the Rubi, however it is nonetheless lovely easy. For this tool, you’re going to need to assume skinny when it comes to oils, like distillates bought in syringes on the dispensary. Each pod holds a few part gram of liquid, and you’re going to need the liquid to be no less than frame temperature to make dishing out it into the cartridge as seamless as imaginable. 

Steps to load the Rubi vaporizer:

  1. Remove the mouthpiece from the Rubi.
  2. Remove pod.
  3. Open the pod and press the syringe into the outlet, filling the pod with oil. Start by means of filling the tank midway, as now not to overfill it. Replace rubber pod stopper.
  4. “Prime” the Rubi pod by means of breathing in from the mouthpiece 3—five instances (simplest wanted upon first use of Rubi pod).
  5. Replace mouthpiece into the Rubi.
  6. Take a draw and experience.

How to blank the Rubi 

Because there are so few items to disassemble, cleansing the Rubi itself is simple. Just take away the pod, and use toothpicks or q-tips to blank in and across the mouthpiece. 

Due to the Japanese cotton across the ceramic coil, the pods cannot be soaked and are thus roughly tough to blank. According to message board analysis, some customers use white vinegar to blank the pods. While maximum appear to agree that each and every pod can final for weeks to months, and 3 pods simplest set you again $20, it makes extra sense to toss an previous one if it is gross or begins appearing funky.

What’s the attraction?

The attraction of KandyPens’ Rubi vaporizer comes down to 3 elements: discretion, affordability, and flexibility. This tool may just simply go as a flash pressure or Juul and is sufficiently small to conceal in a pocket undetected. Its affordability is two-fold: The tool simplest prices $50 and springs with a life-time guaranty. Because of the open pod device, customers will save numerous greenbacks on pricey prefilled cartridges over time. The vape can turn into no matter you need in line with what oil you placed on it, even an e-cig.

Bottom line: If you’re into filling your personal cartridges to get monetary savings, that is the pen for you. If you’re a extra informal consumer, somebody new to hashish, or somebody with get right of entry to to expendable source of revenue, I might pass with the pre-filled arrange as it is an general extra streamlined product. You can to find the KandyPens Rubi vaporizer on their website.

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