Glass is a staple hashish intake subject material, and pipes had been as soon as product of naturally derived fabrics. But then, Bob Snodgrass, whilst famously touring on excursion with the Grateful Dead, laid naked his skills and started designing cutting edge hashish glassware that finally had a hand in shaping a whole trade. Of all of the famend glass artists, Bob Snodgrass is held within the absolute best esteem.

Today, Bob Snodgrass and his circle of relatives raise on a practice that he cultivated from a love of hashish and his fantastic ability for glass sculpting. He these days counts a minimum of 5 of his members of the family as reliable glass artist apprentices, and often teaches hands-on instruction. 

The means that created the Snodgrass Family Glass motion used to be invented by way of him, which consistent with the Snodgrass website, is a method he refers to as  “Scientific Glassmaking.” 

Glass artwork isn’t new, Venetian glass makers were doing their factor for aeons, however the explicit innovations of Bob Snodgrass modified the artwork shape endlessly. By blending metals and lab-grade glass, Snodgrass created unusual results that fueled a whole subculture of artwork. Iridescence, gold sheens and complex abstractions had been all fueled by way of chemical reactions — no longer by way of merely including colours or portray surfaces. 

When glass and ability collide

Snodgrass is noticed as the daddy of borosilicate, aka ‘laborious glass’ pipes and smokeware. He’s additionally notable as “the godfather of the bong renaissance.” In 2017, Northwest-centric newsletter The Stranger mentioned in a deep dive on glass sculpture that Snodgrass’ choice to settle in Oregon immediately resulted in his persisted affect within the craft. Had he stayed in Ohio the place he originated, they muse that the glass motion would have flourished within the Midwest as a substitute. 

His glassware is incessantly UV reactive, cutting edge in its serve as in addition to its shape, and the fundamental ‘spoon’ formed glass pipe you’ll be able to get at many nook shops come from his experiments.

The approval for his glassware is totally in line with its inventive attraction and the load of the knowledge that Snodgrass bestowed upon this folks artwork. Glass pipes at the moment are ubiquitous, and there are even specifically invented equipment primarily based off of Snodgrass’ techniques.

He says of his pastime for innovation, “I’m an inventor. I were given caught in glassblowing as a result of there are such a large amount of issues to invent in it. I invented a brand new box in glass.”

If you are looking to buy Snodgrass glass, you’ll be able to shop online however that is only one outlet. Snodgrass items are so common and famend that they promote for hundreds at auctions and in galleries in downtown New York City. Generations of glassblowers to come back owe their six determine pipe gross sales to this guy, The Godfather of Pipes.

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