While glass bongs are nice, gorgeous to take a look at and easy to hit, there may be an simple downside to the fabric itself: glass shatters. An insignificant slip of the hand when cleansing or slip up after an evening of ingesting, and poof, your bong-vestment is long gone, as are the recollections hooked up to it. 

Breakable equipment is obviously now not ideally suited for buying stoned, however discovering higher choices has confirmed tricky. Acrylic bongs style like plastic. Silicone bongs are laborious to scrub and get gross with resin after some time. Ceramic bongs glance cool however also are extremely breakable. And if steel bongs exist, they should not. That sounds horrible. 

So what’s the subsequent absolute best more or less bong? Bamboo bongs, in fact. Unbreakable, sturdy and slightly easy to construct your self, bamboo bongs take the cake relating to glass choices, providing a repair to each and every problem of glass. 

Here’s the whole lot you wish to have to learn about bamboo bongs — together with find out how to make your individual. 

What are bamboo bongs?

Bamboo bongs are bongs which are produced from bamboo. The phrase “bong” in fact comes from the Thai and Vietnamese phrase “baung,” which describes a hole wood tube stuffed with water to smoke herbs. Clearly, they have got been making bamboo bongs for approach longer than now we have been making glass ones, and with just right reason why. 

Bamboo is a mind-blowingly sturdy subject material this is more potent beneath rigidity than metal. It’s composed of as much as 70 p.c silica, which is similar part present in borosilicate glass, the type of glass prime quality bongs are constructed from. Many bamboo bong manufacturers will mood the bamboo the similar approach glass blowers mood glass with a view to bond the bamboo at a molecular degree, making it even more potent. 

Whether you are looking to make your individual, or acquire one from the respected manufacturers indexed beneath, bamboo bongs are in most cases made from a hole piece of bamboo this is sealed with beeswax. Holes are drilled in to accommodate a downstem, upload water, and voila!

Using and cleansing a bamboo bong

You use a bamboo bong similar to you may every other bong: merely fill it with water, load flower into the bowl and illuminate. Cleaning it, then again, is some other tale. 

While a regular bong will require sizzling water, alcohol, and thick grain salt to get again to glowing, bamboo bongs require a distinct, altogether softer cleansing ritual. Due to the beeswax lining the interior of maximum bamboo bongs, you must NEVER use sizzling water when cleansing. Pipe cleaners, harsh brushes, or anything else that may disrupt the wax lining also are at the no-no listing. 

How to correctly blank your bamboo bong:  

  1. Remove downstem, (or go away in if you need)
  2. Fill bong midway with isopropyl alcohol 
  3. Add a cup of raw rice
  4. Shake vigorously as you may in cleansing a regular bong
  5. Repeat till blank

If you wish to have to reattach the downstem, soften slightly beeswax for your hand and reseal alongside the hole. 

Some of our favourite bamboo bongs 

TokyoTokes BabyBoo Water Pipe

TokyoTokes make top of the range bamboo water pipes at utterly possible costs. They’re cast, they hit nice and each and every bong comprises unfastened customized laser engraving. Standing 10” tall, the BabyBoo is a compact little buddy who’s highest for summer season, in a position to be thrown in a backpack to get you prime at the cross. 

Price: $99.99 (On sale now for $79.99)

The Maui Wowie Kahuna Peace Pipe 

Maui Wowie takes the natural method with their Kahuna Peace Pipe. Meaning sorcerer or wizard in Hawaiian, this giant boy options all natural fabrics, with the bamboo cured in limonene to forestall cracking and put on. Each bong comprises an all-purpose conditioning salve to stay him taking a look clever, and an entire life guaranty in opposition to cracking or breaking. 

Price: $200

How to make a bamboo bong 

One of the most productive portions a few bamboo bong is that it is slightly easy to make your individual. For the DIYer in all folks, here is a step-by-step information on find out how to assemble a wholly herbal bong out of wooden, wax and slightly little bit of weed. 


  • Piece of cured bamboo (1.5”-2” diameter)
  • Drill
  • Small drill bit (for pilot holes) 
  • Large drill bit (for downstem holes)
  • Downstem and bowl
  • Wood noticed
  • Painter’s tape
  • Vice grip
  • Beeswax
  • Rough Grit Sandpaper

Step 1: Cut the bamboo

When chopping the bamboo, it is all in regards to the nodes. 

Nodes have interior plates that may grasp the water, so get started by way of working out which node you need to make the ground of the bong. About part an inch beneath, wrap painter’s tape to make sure a fair minimize. After chopping, be sure the bong stands instantly earlier than shifting ahead. 

Next, select a peak on your bong. Keep in intellect that in case your bong is tall sufficient to include more than one nodes, then you will have to drill them out in order that the bong stays a minimum of reasonably hole. Cut the bamboo to shape the highest of your bong, then drill away any interior node partitions if essential, and sand. 

Step 2: Drill the downstem hollow

Place your downstem at the bong and place it the place you need — more or less a couple of arms above the ground node. Put painters tape over the realm, protected bamboo within the vice grip and drill a hollow somewhat higher than the dimensions of the downstem. Angle the opening diagonally down in opposition to the ground when drilling. Be very delicate, as bamboo is vulnerable to cracking right through this step. 

Step 3: Sand and blank

When it involves bamboo bongs, high quality is the whole lot. To be sure your bong comes out proper, sand each and every minimize, drilled hollow, in addition to  the drilled out node partitions internally, till all surfaces of the bong have a easy, sumptuous texture. 

When you are finished, blank out the entire sanding residue. If you employ water, go away the bong out to dry. If you might have get entry to to compressed air, that works a lot better.

Step 4: Coat the bong with wax

Go out of doors — this section is messy. Heat up beeswax at the range and pour it into the bong slowly and moderately. Roll the bong so the wax coats the interior edges with out filling the hollow space utterly. After waxing, go away it to chill and accept a pair hours. 

Step 5: Seal and insert downstem

Insert the downstem into its hollow and seal across the edge with melted beeswax. Let cool and settle. 

Step 6: Enjoy! 

Fill with water, pack a bowl and revel in. You’ve effectively made your very personal bamboo bong. 

All pictures equipped by way of Tokyo Tokes 

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